Project KARR

Summer 09. Well I wish that I had more pictures of the bodywork being done to the car, but I don't. All I have is the finished pictures. So here is what it looks like after it was painted. I did add corvette rims and wrapped them in Firestone Firehawk wheels. Also, I added a set of Jegs subframe connectors.

Fall 09. Well, the fall looks busy for me. Needing to remove the motor and tranny and repaint the engine bay. So I pulled the motor and cleaned it up. I wanted to keep the v6 in the car because it is a great daily driver motor. Not a lot of power but decent, but great gas mileage. I average around 21 to 23 mpg. Basic engine mods, cleaned and ported intake a little, underdrive pulleys, headers, and performance chip. Lastly I changed my intake to a Cold Air Intake.

Winter 09. So I ordered a Karr voicebox from Jupiter Electronics. It is the mini version, which means it doesn't have the side lights. I installed it in the where it should be at on the car. I removed the turnsignals to put it there. Then I relocated the turnsignals to another part of the dash, just to the left of the defrost button.

Summer 10. A friend of mine had a KR build weekend and we started on making a mold of an original nose and then built one for me to use on my KARR. The mold actually turned out pretty good. It needed a little bodywork, but all in all looks good. I did the cutouts for the turnsignals. Since this will be used as a daily driver, I need to make sure that I meet the local laws. I am using a tinted plexiglass to cover the cutouts. This is the bodywork pictures of the front bumper.

July 2010. Well now comes the paint. I think everything turned out well with the paint.

July 2010. Here is the finished nose on the car now. I still have to add the scanner and fog lights. And glue the turn signal covers on. But overall, for building a mold of a nose and then building this one from scratch, I am pleased.

Next up... Scanner and Fog Lights!!!!